Sammy Dee

Perlon/Pokerflat - DE

Revelation instead of obviousness, radical reduction versus reckless verve, ecstatic eternalness, anti-elastic
dictatorship of utilization.
In the course of an existence amidst the international Techno circus manège that has been running for (in nearly
correct mathematical terms) 20 years, Mario Radecki alias Sammy Dee was able to earn an irrevocable aura as an
innovator of electronic music workmanship, far away from beaten mass consumption paths and neotericcommercial
As a (former) resident of Berlin based genesis time venues Tresor and Ostgut, the name Sammy Dee has already
been notorious for a passionate manifestation of systematic, personality changing mixing skills back in the 90s.
Defining an unparalleled audio-arty range, the vinyl fanatic likes to disperse his beliefs and visions eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth to the skilled and listening audience. Through Sammy’s audiophile and distinctive presence, subtle
bass-lines are consistently oscillating alongside psychotic tunes, chopped and edgy explorations float through
intangibly grotesque layers – all flawlessly sailing around a mediocre moment of time with a trademark,
mischievious Perlon smile.
The monthly club night hosted and curated by Sammy, “…GET PERLONIZED!”, at infamous Panorama Bar, is
anno 2011 one of the most prestigious club events Europe-wide. It has a certain illuminating power up it’s sleeve,
that can not be gained by promotional exuberance or by worshipping at the alter of capital return; but with musical
consistency – keywords that encompass and define everything the Berlin born artist does.Various releases, inter
alia in cooperation with Guido Schneider and Heiko Laux for Poker Flat and Kanzleramt respectively, are defining
the German maestro’s vita. Together with his “confederate in crime” and Perlon co-founder, Zip, Sammy created
Pantytec in 1998 – eight letters that stand for an infinite flow of emotions, minimal perfection and properly arranged
timelessness. Six publications followed, including one album full of all-pervading anti-labelling named Pony
Working together with Bruno Pronsato, the man being described in this biographical text gave birth to Half Hawaii in
2006. To date, three physical liaison results have been manifctured on Perlon, hello?repeat and Diamonds &
Sammy Dee’s youngest child is named Ultrastretch. Titled after the PERLON68-B-side and not to be confused with
his regular party series at Berlin based Weekend club, Sammy founded Ultrastretch at the end of 2010 with a
collective of like-minded musicians and cultivated artists who were ready to walk with him on his underground
community based path into a non-genre-focussed and cross-benched/forthright future. Release #1 was realized in
January 2011 with Matthew Burton’s ‘Who Loves You/Small Winner’, a Half Hawaii EP is on it’s way.


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