Hello, SASH - FR

We don’t know why Greg Pepperpot is called Pepperpot. We think it may be the way his piquant sets are full of French flavour, traversing the deep sexy to the booty-grinding full sounds, levelled out with some minimal palette-cleansers. Enough food-is-music metaphors though. Pepperpot is resident of Hello Night at the legendary Rex Club in Paris, the night host to the likes of Delano Smith, Sven Weismann & Avatism.
DJ’ing since 1992, Greg is a seasoned (doh!) DJ and his sets are reflective of this, with a solid presentation of classics and new floor-killers, which Australian’s have already had the pleasure of enjoying. From France to Belgium, Ibiza to Sydney, we are in great anticipation of Greg’s return and French dance floor style.


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