Made In Paris

Motorik Records - Australia

Curious and in depth with a mind for the solitary drive of techno, tech house and deep moods, Made in Paris remains in a league of her own. Hailing from the east coast of Australia, her 100% self‐curated sound depicts the blood from the other side of the globe in her dark and heavy journey through her production. Proving truth in the epitome of gut wrenching tech notions, Paris quite simply sparks as the intuitive producer and DJ she holds title to. With a vivid motivation to the techno circle, there is an enchantment in her beat and a brutal push of electronic capacities.

Surrounded by an endless sound, the Made in Paris project has entrapped enthusiasts, making way for mood changers in and out of the studio. Shadowing the touch of her pioneering peers, from the days of pure vinyl to the era of futurebeats, it’s without a doubt the magic lined up from her studio has pricked ears.Her most anticipated EP ‘Dancing In The Dark’ on Motorik takes her melodic techno taints to a very encapsulating level gaining support from Nicole Moudaber, Danny Tenaglia, Sossa, Reboot, Tiga and more.

‘Your Body’ took the slate at #2 on the CRUX Records Top 10, breaking the lead for ‘Switch’, ‘You Got’ and ‘The Taker’. With an array of releases across Crux, Basserk Records and Blocbeatz Paris reels it in, pushing obligatory remix duties.From her #8 Macro Records Top 10 edit of ‘Psycho Game’ to Asdek’s ‘Travels’ and Overnoize’s ‘Thailandia’ ‐you get the idea .

The Crux EP ‘Your Body’ set the senses alight with InTheMi xdoting on it while gaining the incredible support of Marco Carola, Krywolf and Mumbai Science. Made in Paris has held the stakes on Australian bills with Zombie Nation, Ten Walls, Butch, Robert Babicz and Rivastarr ­‐ making her a devilish staple in consoles across Sydney’s warehouses and concrete jungles of the underground.


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