Maayan Nidam

Perlon - IL

Just when you think you have her figured, Maayan Nidam is the kind of artist that will switch up on you and charge off in a whole new direction. Stylistically her music has always orbited house and techno, but within that broad tapestry her labyrinthe back catalogue reveals myriad shades and methods that make for an artist not to be underestimated.

From her roots in Tel Aviv to settling in Berlin, Maayan quickly forged a musical path for herself through a rich spread of projects and releases. Of course though, dance music is where Maayan’s musical trajectory has stemmed from, and her love of undulating grooves is ever quenched by her work as a DJ. With selections that span the ages without fear of switching up the vibe, she may be as wilfully esoteric on the decks as in the studio but she always strikes the balance to keep from veering into self-indulgence. That is, after all, the test of any great artist, to entertain and challenge in equal measure, and Maayan Nidam has that approach locked down.


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