John Baptiste

Bassic/ Recovery Collective - AU

The John Baptiste sound takes form as cavernous depths, warmed with bold bass, afloat with playful buoyancy. Darkened techno is shrouded by cheekiness, configured of clear-cut percussion sliced with psychedelia and strong expanding progressions.

A proven fixture in the Australian scene over the past decade, John Baptiste has evolved with the local cultures, influencing his direction as equally as his own self exploration. Emerging as sought after and respected producer, his original and remix projects have found homes with Bassic Records, Recovery Collective, Open Records, Ugenius Music, Euphorie Bezirk, Mavic Music (USA) and imminently with Dear Deer (Ukraine).

Voyaging throughout the many nationwide gatherings, John Baptiste has taken his lively performances to Subsonic Music Festival, Strawberry Fields, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Elements, Chi Wow Wah Town, Esoteric, Babylon and Mushroom Valley.

Passion and devotion to music drives the John Baptiste journey, with a constant burn to grow and thrive.


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