Westwood/ Lowtemp - NZ

Cheshire has always found his solace in producing funky electronic music.
With over ten releases in the past 3 years, Cheshire has made a remarkable impact on the electronic bass music scene. His style mixes live elements of Funk and soul along with tight synthesized bassline and drum production.
Starting with dubstep in 2008 he released the number one selling E.P. “Punk” with “Excisions” Rottun Records, gaining a broad recognition within the genre. However in 2013 after a 3 year hiatus Cheshire stunned the glitch hop scene with his release “The Funk’d Up EP” catapulting to number one on the Beatport charts, holding the top position for over a month. Since then he has followed this up with 2 albums and many more chart topping releases gaining a reputation for packing dancefloors and filling sound systems with his funk infused Latin laced rhythms.
This lifelong passion has also developed in his live shows where a usual Cheshire set consists of live sax along with the expected turntablist mixes and scratching.
Now working with Westwood Recordings & Lowtemp Cheshire has recently released his third album and is quickly becoming a common name in the mid-tempo music scene.


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