Gaia’s Blush

Produced by Sense, Gaia’s Blush is an improvisational, participatory, sacred ritual theatre playground which explores our relationship with Mother Earth. Gaia’s Blush features five climbable structures nestled around the Brain of Gaia, designed and built by Lucid Space Design & Mesne. Here, festival-goers come to connect with the Earth, asking for guidance. Over two big nights, lush costumed performances of circus and aerial arts, acro-balance, burlesque, Shibari rope bondage and sacred ritual theatre shall be presented to the Goddess. Public participation and the Spirit of the Sacred shall be cooperatively cultivated. Join the Gaia’s Blush tribe as the archetype of your choice, and join forest spirits, shamans, elves and fairy folk in celebrating Mother Earth, Gaia.



Ginyaang Wangga is a sacred place. Created by senior Lore Men Uncle Paul Gordon and Uncle Paul Callaghan, Ginyaang Wangga symbolises a place for happy dancing, and features a traditionally carved and custom produced Djukal pole. We are privileged to be joined by Ngemba man Uncle Paul Gordon, a senior Lore man and Aboriginal culture & tradition educator, to share aboriginal culture and build relationships with individuals and the wider community. Ginyaang Wangaa is also enabled by Senior Lore Man and First Nations custodian Uncle Paul Callaghan whom has worked with the Gaia’s Blush team to produce a sacred healing experience for the Subsonic Festival community. This includes The Festival Opening Ceremony, coordinating and coaching the Nupitjii Nupitjii Dancers, and delivering an insightful workshop. In cooperation with the Living Essence team, Ginyaang Wangga imagines the Whale and Dolphin Dreaming of the Worimi people.



Crafted by some Australia’s leading set designers (team Dystopia), Dystopia’s End is a gateway imagining a bleak authoritarian world of surveillance and dominator culture in decay. Enter here, and take the ceremonial journey into the magic of Gaia’s Blush…


Take a peek below for more info on performers, workshops and contributors of Gaia’s Blush.

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