Subsonic Music Festival 2017


Greetings travellers, and welcome to Subsonic Music Festival 2017. Where everything is everything, but not always as it seems.

A magical place… a transformative place… where the unsuspecting by day morphs into the inconceivable at night. Follow the beat of the drum and your heart and let the rhythm take you to your next chapter… Your next dance-floor…. Your next bassline romance. Your next encounter with a stranger… Future friend… Future soulmate…

In the first weekend of December, 5 soul-shaking, diverse and stimulating stages featuring the best sound systems in the world will be booming the finest ambient, reggae, acoustic, world, techno, house, bass, hip-hop and electro-punk music created and collated by 180 exceptional local and international talents for 72 polyphonic hours. For 3 days that will undoubtedly become the most unforgettable of your year, mind-bending art installations pop up in unexpected places, and esoteric activities like Shiatsu, Acro Yoga, Sacred Geometry, daily meditation, and even a creative space for the little ones in our Subsonic Lifestyle Village are sure to elevate, refocus, relax and recenter your spirit. Reinvigorate your body and let your mind wander while watching reflections of revelry glisten as you play in the pristine Karuah River – all the while floating on an inflatable flamingo or two.

Take in the splendour of what’s unfolding around you from one of our many chill-out spots and roam through dozens of market stalls showing off hand-made, modern and ancient bric-a-brac from wondrous places. Be part of the action whenever you please, and withdraw to your campsite to kick-back and enjoy togetherness with your crew at any time. Fresh, delicious and healthy sweet and savoury food options for foodies of all kinds will be at-the-ready to tantalise your taste buds all weekend long.

And all this is encompassed by the serene embrace of Riverwood Downs, nestled at the foothills of the Barrington Tops in the land of the Worimi people – an enchanted, world heritage-listed zesty natural gem. You see – at Subsonic Music Festival everything is alive. Pulsing. Vibrating. And inter-connected.

Trust in the process. Trust in the rhythm. Trust your intuition.
Prepare to be surprised. Prepare to be seduced. Prepare to be reborn.

Welcome to the next level, a new realm, and a new beginning. Welcome to Subsonic Music Festival 2017, where everything is everything, but not always as it seems…

First artist announcement

March 28 is the day our inaugural announce for ’17 is coming at you on our Facebook portal, so connect with us and keep your eyes peeled.


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