Roll up, roll up comrades! to a place where the weird and wonderful meet, and all can partake. Join us in 2016 on an unforgettable journey through space & time, into the cosmic carnivàle.

We are pleased as punch to announce the first taste teaser of artists in 2016:

Lee Scratch Perry meets The Mad Professor
Josh Wink
Jimmy Edgar
Dro Carey
Archie Hamilton
Peak & Swift

And stay tuned to hear many more announcements to come.

Then come early December, pack 72-hours of A-game with your compadres and join our gathering, nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Barrington Tops. The behemoth and beastly Main Stage will be lying in wait, but don’t be afraid! as he only bites with bass and beats. His siblings Paradiso, River, Pizza Lab & Tribadelic will serenade you, while the divine beings at Hathor’s Hideout and faerie freaks at Sideshow Sonic will enchant you. And when in need of reprieve, the kindly river spirit will relax you, while the workshops and classes in the Subsonic Village will cater for whatever your mood.

At Subsonic Music Festival, artisans & artists from across the globe will delight you. The quirky and the kinky, the weird and the wonky, the unorthodox and the excellent all come together; to learn, to teach, and to be a part of something that far outstrips the ordinary. And most importantly, our celebration of community and art is overlaid with an eclectic mix of the finest in forward-thinking electronic & live music, sourced from around the globe.

So come with us on an unforgettable journey and a weekend that will define your year, into the cosmic carnivàle…

Get your tickets here.

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